"Rahm Emanuel is not caring about our schools; he is not caring about our safety. He only cares about his kids. He only care about what he needs. He do not care about nobody else but himself.

He let Barbara Byrd-Bennett, a woman that’s from Detroit who don’t even know the streets of Chicago where I’m from, come in and close these schools.” [x]

Look at the passion y’all!!!

Teach the babies that their words matter yess

black excellence

Omg I’m in tears. You have to watch this video… Young Malcolm.



*Fandom voice*

What if the black female lead in this romantic comedy never actually finds love?

What if she just swallows all of her feelings apart from sassy happy and sassy angry so we never have to think of her being a multi-faceted human being again?  

What if she becomes the best friend of her awkward white neighbor and gives the neighbor fashion, career and life advice so that she becomes an instant success in the field she knew nothing about previously?

What if the black female lead introduces her neighbor to the guy she had a crush on and they fell in love instead; leaving the black female lead to spiral into a pit of depression off-screen and eventually never be mentioned again.

That would just be… so… refreshing… ya know?!